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Anatomy education

For over six years I’ve presented anatomy communication events, both demonstrations and workshops. I have used body painting as well as clay and plasticine sculpting onto skeleton and skull casts. Venues have included the Link at the University of Otago Tertiary Open Day (June 2017),  a shopping mall for The International Science Fair (July 2016), and a gallery space at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery (October 2011).

Forensic facial approximation

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Sculpting muscles onto bone

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Body painting teaching

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Life drawing teaching

Student feedback from Life Drawing teaching class, 2017

I have to tell you that you are an inspired teacher, dear Louisa. I just loved what I learned from you and so look forward to our next classes. It was so special to be part of a group of really lovely people, and ithas helped me “join the world again” as it were. And I was so impressed with the utter silence of us all, as we strove to put into practice the many things you had taught us. Your advice was always given with such professionalism,tact,good humour and encouragement! [Patricia Payne May 2017]

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